Ms. Ukraine’s Crown Stripped For Odd Reason

The new winner of the Ms. Ukraine crown has been stripped of her title. The reason for the decision is that she is a divorced single mother.

According to Fox News:

Veronika Didusenko, who was recently named Miss Ukraine at the country’s national beauty pageant, was stripped of her title after pageant officials learned that she lied about being a divorced mother in her application.

Didusenko was crowned the winner of the Miss Ukraine pageant in the country’s capital of Kiev on September 20. But her reign as queen didn’t last long after the pageant committee decided that she was to be disqualified on Monday.

The Miss Ukraine organization released a statement regarding the 23-year-old’s disqualification which said, “In accordance with the Rules for conducting the National Beauty Contest Miss Ukraine, a person who wishes to take part in the National Beauty Contest ‘Miss Ukraine’ must comply, among other things, with the following requirements (valid for the period of the Contest): – not / was not married; – has no children.”

The pageant statement continued, “The same requirements are indicated in the official form, which is contained in the unified rules and conditions of participation in Miss World contest 2018.”

These violations are against the rules and probably one of the reasons she did not disclose these facts to the pageant committee.

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