Music Legend Releases Trump Diss Track

Music legend Barbra Streisand recently released a new song where show attacks President Trump.

According to The Daily Mail:

Music legend Barbra Streisand has released her own diss track targeting President Donald Trump in a song entitled ‘Don’t Lie to Me’.

The 76-year-old singer’s new hit, released Thursday, is her first song since 2005 where she vents on the political climate under the Trump administration.

Streisand said she initially aimed to include ‘very subtle’ references to Trump, but confessed ‘I just went ballistic’ in writing the lyrics.

From the first words, the song targets Trump’s integrity saying: ‘Why can’t you just tell me the truth? It’s hard to believe the things you say.’

Apparently, Streisand believes we are all in danger and President Trump is the cause. Hopefully, this outlet helps her cope.

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