NFL Hall of Famer Says He’s With Trump, With or Without Kanye

Jim Brown says he looks forward to working with President Donald Trump to help “inner city people” and it doesn’t matter what Kanye West does.

On Thursday, the NFL Hall of Famer told TMZ that if he can help poor people by working with Trump he plans to do just that and wouldn’t comment on Kanye, who scrubbed his Twitter account this week of any mentions of Trump. Both men met with the president at Trump Tower after the election to reportedly help those in urban communities.

“His seat is a great seat of power,” Brown responded. “The president won his position. He is president.”

“If he can give me respect, I sure can give him respect,” he added. “And if I can go to have him help poor people, inner city people … then why shouldn’t I do that? But I don’t comment on what Kanye West did or anybody like that, that’s their business.”

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