Report: Disgraced Subway Spokesman Had to Take Male Lover in Jail For ‘Protection’ has exclusively learned that caged Subway pervert Jared Fogle is such a “high-value target” for attack he has had to take a jailbird lover for protection.

The hated former pitchman has had to become one hulking con’s boyfriend because other prisoners are desperate to kick his evil ass, one source inside the infamous jailhouse claimed.

As Radar reported, Fogle is doing hard time at Englewood Prison south of Denver after being convicted last year of child porn and underage sex offenses.

“Fogle is a celebrity prisoner and as a pedophile he’s the most-hated person among the 1,000 cons in there,” revealed the source. “He’s a high-value target and all the prisoners know it would be great for their tough-guy reputation if they manage to kick his ass.”

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