‘Sit Down’: Harris Faulkner Skewers Letitia James’ Deal Preserving Trump’s $175 Million Bond

Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner needled Democratic Attorney General Letitia James’ failed effort to void former President Donald Trump’s $175 million civil bond, telling James to “take several seats.”

James moved to have the $175 million bond Trump posted on April 1 rejected, claiming that Trump could still withdraw money from the account used to secure the bond. The New York attorney general’s office cut a new deal with Trump Monday over the conditions of the bond, which Judge Arthur Engoron subsequently signed off on.


“All right, so here’s some breaking news, the former federal prosecutor Cherkasky and I were just talking about this and he said it wouldn’t hold up, Trump will be fine,” Faulkner reported. “So the court has just ruled that the bond, that $175 million bond that Trump put up, will stand despite the fight that the woman on the right, Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, was trying to slide in. What did [Andrew] Cherkasky call it? He called it, she was trying to play a legal technicality, saying the insurance company Trump was using wouldn’t have the resources to back up the bond should he fail on appeal.”

“Well, the court says the bond can stay. $175 million needs to be in cash, not mutual funds or securities where value can fluctuate,” Faulkner continued. “Knight Insurance can’t trade or move the money but they will have control of the account and will provide a monthly financial statement to the attorney general showing $175 million in cash. Agreement cannot change without approval from the court.”

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Cherkaksy blasted James for trying to block the bond earlier during the show, while discussing Trump’s ongoing legal cases with the Fox News host.


“I think she [Letitia James] is trying to figure out a way to move into Trump Tower, that’s what she has been looking for all  along. If she wants office space in Trump Tower, she should fill out a rent application for that,” Cherkasky told Faulkner. “This is a legal technicality she is going in on. I don’t have faith in Judge Engoron. He has repeatedly had unfair rulings to Donald Trump.”

James promised to investigate Trump during her 2018 campaign for the office, during which she labeled him an “illegitimate president.” She sued Trump in September 2022, alleging he overstated the value of real estate holdings in order to obtain loans.

“Letitia James, sit down, take several seats,” Faulkner concluded. “We’ll move on.

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