Stars of ‘Scandal’ Still Upset About Trump Winning In Spite of Their Show’s Efforts

The stars and producers of ABC’s political drama Scandal are celebrating the show’s centenary episode and sharing their thoughts about how Donald Trump’s election caused anxiety both on and off the screen.

The series’ creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes revealed in a lengthy interview with the Hollywood Reporter, that Scandal writers were anticipating Hillary Clinton winning the White House last November.

“There was a very specific planned progression that was going to be easy to tell because Hillary was going to be president, and we were going to be living in the light,” Rhimes said. “But it didn’t occur. I’m still trying to come to terms with that.”

Rhimes — who produced a 12-minute biopic of Clinton’s life, that aired live the Democratic National Convention — laments that life under President Trump is more “outrageous” and “horrifying” than anything she could have created for her primetime political TV show.

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