Tom Brokaw Slams Media’s Boring Coverage

Iconic newsman Tom Brokaw is speaking out against the problem he sees with the media. Particularly he is taking issue with the coverage that is duplicated.

According to Fox News:

NBC News special correspondent and former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw is warning that the big media companies fail to cover stories from all angles — far from it.

“My impression is, and the people at NBC know, that I think there’s too much duplication,” Brokaw said in a new interview with SurvivorNet.

“There’s too much repeating the same thing all day long — a cycle,” he explained. “Tell me something new. Tell me something that takes the story a little farther down the line. Also… get the hell out of Washington and out of New York — and go out there and cover it where it’s going on. Find out what’s happening there.”

“We’re living through a very dynamic time, to put it mildly, in American politics. So that — that’s as important to me as my cancer is. And I think it helps me get through the cancer,” he shared. “So I’m not dwelling on this cancer all the time. I’ve got a fatal cancer. I don’t — I don’t wake up thinking that way.”

Brokaw has also revealed that he has started to use medical marijuana to deal with the pain from cancer he has been living with since 2013.

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