Trans School Shooter’s Uncovered Writings Detail ‘Imaginary Penis’ Fantasies, Hours-Long Simulated Bestiality Sessions: REPORT

Writings of the transgender shooter who attacked a private school in Nashville reportedly included fantasies of an imaginary penis and descriptions of simulated bestiality sessions that would last hours, according to The Tennessee Star.

The Star obtained writings from Audrey Hale, the 28-year-old female shooter who identified as transgender, who killed three children and three adults at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, before being engaged and fatally wounded by law enforcement March 27, 2023. The writings were retrieved from Hale’s vehicle, The Tennessee Star reported.

“My penis exists in my head,” Hale wrote in a three-page essay called “My Imaginary Penis,” according to The Star. “I swear to god I’m a male.”

Hale also described instances in her writings where she would have a male human doll simulate sexual activity with a stuffed animal, getting so involved in the fantasies that she would miss gym, The Star reported.

In other writings, Hale wrote that she was “born wrong” and “my body does not make me a female,” The Star reported.

Hale also wrote about the time “I leave my body behind and the boy in me will be free; in the butterfly transformation” and added, “If God won’t give me a boy body in heaven, then Jesus is a f*****.”

Portions of Hale’s writings were leaked to conservative media figure Steven Crowder in November, prompting an investigation by authorities that led to seven officers being assigned to administrative duties. The Metro Nashville Police Department opposed the release of the writings.

The FBI also opposed release of Hale’s writings in a May 2023 memo also obtained by The Tennessee Star.

“Public access to legacy tokens will also facilitate false narratives and inaccurate information. For personal gain, self-professed ‘experts’ will proffer their perspectives on the motivations behind the attack,” the memo read. “Many of these pontificators will be inexperienced or untrained, and therefore inaccurate in their assessment, further confusing or potentially inflaming the public. This also may lead to unintended consequences for the segment of the population more vulnerable or open to conspiracy theories, which will undoubtedly abound.”

President Joe Biden, Congressional Democrats, media figures and celebrities demanded a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in the wake of the shooting.

The Metro Nashville Police Department declined to comment when contacted by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

(Featured Image Media Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/FOX Nashville)

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