Twitter Rages at Rachel Maddow for Release of Trump Tax Documents

Twitter is demonstrating in no uncertain terms tonight that what has been hyped cannot be un-hyped, after an episode of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” left lots of online viewers feeling intensely let down.

Maddow sparked a firestorm of hype late this afternoon with a single tweet, announcing she had acquired at least part of one of the great white whales of modern political history — Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Trump broke with decades of tradition during his campaign to become President, consistently refusing to release his tax returns even as Democrats, journalists, and even other Republicans insisted he do so. This only increased suspicions by Trump critics that the reason for his refusal is that his tax returns contain some kind of bombshell showing him beholden to foreign governments, in debt up to his eyeballs, or just generally not great at business.

However, revealed tonight was simply a few sheets of Trump’s 2005 return, disclosing how much money he made and how much he paid in taxes ($38 million), and not much else. All fairly run-of-the-mill and more or less devoid of anything scandalous.

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