WATCH: Epic Take Down of Social Justice Warriors

Sketch comedy group Riot Act is taking aim at social justice warriors and their social media campaigns and diversity quotas.

According to The Daily Wire:

Written by Adam Yenser, a writer for “The Ellen Show,” and directed by Daily Wire writer Paul Bois, the sketch showcases a (barely) exaggerated illustration of a Woke human resources representative attempting to cure a company’s “white male” problem.

The sketch starts outside the headquarters of Blue Sky, Inc, where a protest has gathered over a viral photo of the company’s all-white, all-male marketing team. Beside himself over the outrage, CEO Lester Phillips, played by Yenser, meets with an HR rep, played by Bois.

Rocking a “The Future is Female” t-shirt, the HR rep recommends Phillips fire employees who’ve committed severe microaggressions, such as calling an “adjustable non-conforming metallic twister” a “monkey wrench.”

After Philips cans the entire white, male marketing team and the first micro-aggressor, it’s fittingly not enough for the HR rep. The rep threatens Phillips with “just” social media outrage campaigns if the CEO refuses to tackle Blue Sky, Inc’s “festering cesspool of insensitive privilege.”

The main point of the sketch is to show that no one is safe when they allow these social justice mobs to control the dialogue and create problems where problems do not exist.

Read the entire article at The Daily Wire.

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