Female Comedian Confronts Harvey Weinstein In New York City

Female Comedian Confronts Harvey Weinstein In New York City
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A female comedian delivered a brutal standup routine once she learned disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein was in attendence at a New York City event on Wednesday night. 

A comedian suddenly delivered an intense standup routine after she learned that disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein was in attendance at an event Wednesday night in New York City.

Weinstein was spotted at the monthly speakeasy event called Actor's Hour with his entourage, as Buzzfeed News first reported.

Comedian Kelly Bachman cracked jokes at his expense in a routine that has since gone viral.

"I'm feeling a little tense... anybody else?" Bachman began. "I'm a comic and it's our job to name the elephant in the room. Do we know what that is? Yeah... a Freddy Krueger in the room, if you will. I didn't know that we have to bring our own mace and rape whistles to Actor's Hour."


Weinstein was a long time supporter of failed Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
 Source: American Update

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