Royal Couple ‘Upset And Overwhelmed’ By South Park Jokes (Potential Legal Ramifications?)

South Park’s Wednesday episode took aim at the royal couple, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are doing what they do best – seeking to gain more publicity and fame off of their exaggerated reactions.

According to The Spectator, Meghan Markle has been “upset and overwhelmed” by the episode’s release and is “annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all.”

Ironically, the royal couple is handling the situation exactly as they were parodied in South Park – while complaining about the attention they receive, they ultimately choose publicly display it, always choosing to get more attention. Whether is Prince Harry’s book, the royal couples Netflix documentary, or anything else that draws attention, they can’t help themselves.

Currently, it’s being speculated that the royal couple may take legal action against South Park and its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Royal commentator Neil Sean publicly stated that legal ramifications are a possibility, stating:

“Their legal team are casting an eye over the episode to see what is wrong, and what could be turned into something more sinister. This appears to be their course of action rather than laughing it off, enjoying the moment and showing the world that they get the joke.”

Of course, the royal couple loves the spotlight more than anyone. Prince Harry’s book detailed Markle’s sex scenes, his drug use, and private stories about the British Royal family. All of which was unnecessary and didn’t need to be released, nonetheless, the book is still sitting on shelves at every department store. The royal antics continue with Markle, as she is a race-baiting attention seeker, who constantly discusses her own race (even revealing that she’s 43% Nigerian – not that anyone asked,) and has even accused the Royal family of being racist themselves.

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