Watch Tucker Carlson Hilariously Compares Pelosi To Michael Jackson

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went viral for claiming Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was actually dead pop star Michael Jackson, when her Botox smooth forehead raised eyebrows in a recent appearance.  

Carlson mocked Pelosi during his Monday show, when he said TV viewers “could have had “the shock” of their lives over the weekend when introducing a segment titled, “Shocking TV Appearance Raises Eyebrows.”

“Michael Jackson was on ‘Face the Nation,’” Carlson deadpanned. “Let’s be clear, this wasn’t video of Michael Jackson performing his hit songs of the 1990s…” 

“This appeared to be a living version of the international pop star that news reports claim died of a drug OD more than a dozen years ago. And yet despite those claims, there he was: fully, undeniably Michael Jackson talking on television.”

“How can that be? We’re not theologians here, this is merely a news program,” Carlson continued. “We can only show you what we saw.”

What came next was not a living, breathing Michael Jackson, his reanimated corpse, or even an impersonator… It was Nancy Pelosi accusing Republicans of undermining democracy on Jan. 6 in a recent interview, with nary a wrinkle in sight on her 81-year-old face.

Pelosi’s skin was pulled so tight that her eyebrows nearly reached her hairline, her eyes appeared supernaturally wide, and aside from her mouth, not a single thing moved on her face during the appearance, which ironically, was on “Face the Nation.” 

“See, Michael Jackson,” Carlson said with a straight face. “That was him.” 

He was clearly drawing a parallel between the work Pelosi clearly had done on her face to the King of Pop, who was known for dramatically altering his appearance with multiple plastic surgeries that left him looking nearly deformed by the end of his life. 

“No “Billie Jean,” apparently he’s given up singing, now he’s telling lies about politics,” Carlson concluded in a parting shot. “Same man… If you’ve ever seen Michael Jackson, you cannot forget the face, though admittedly, he’s had a lot of work done since we saw him last.”

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