Al Roker returns to TV after prostate cancer surgery

Al Roker returned to the Today show in his first appearance since announcing his prostate cancer diagnosis.  

After his Nov. 6 announcement, the legendary weatherman endured a five-hour surgery three days later at New York City’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to remove his prostate and surrounding lymph nodes 

A week later he revealed that the surgery was a success after a pathology report found no evidence that the cancer had spread to healthy tissue or organs.  

“It was this great relief,” Roker told the show. “For a first start, this is terrific news. I’m going to be up for — and a lot of people who live with cancer — up for lifelong testing to make sure this doesn’t come back.”

Roker’s doctor shared his prognosis in a Today segment last week. “The prognosis at this point in time based on how the surgery went and based on his pathology report, everything looks very favorable. We would say that Al has no evidence of any cancer, but we’ll continue to monitor him for several years.”

The anchor shared his diagnosis and treatment with the public to encourage men to get screened, as the disease affects 1 in 9 men and is highly treatable if detected at an early stage.  

Upon his return co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie said Roker had never looked better. “Actually I was hoping I looked a little better,” he cracked. “Great medical care and the love of friends and family, it goes a long way.” 

Roker returned back to the show in time to resume his duties as co-host of New York City’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  




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Dan Winright
Dan Winright
1 month ago

Isn’t Roker part of mainblame misleadia?
I’m glad he recovered, but he’s still too liberal.

1 month ago

Good for him. He can thank GOD for the medicine. Luke was a doctor/disciple. If GOD thought it necessary to get a doctor as a disciple to spread the Good Word, we need to consider this.
NOW, Roker is a DEMONRAT. Will he thank GOD for his good fortune?
Or will he be a good DEMONRAT and forget who made him whole?

1 month ago

If you’re a male…….and you live long enough….. you will most likely be diagnosed with prostate cancer.
And if you do die at an old age without having been diagnosed with prostate cancer….. chances are pathology of your prostate will disclose you had it, but didn’t know it!!!!
It is what it is!!!!

Dr Dave
Dr Dave
1 month ago

I had early stage prostate cancer picked up by a PSA test. After biopsies confirmed it, I underwent a ‘robotic’ prostatectomy successfully, going back home in just over two days and back to work in ten days. No radiation, chemotherapy, or chemically castrating drugs. Thirteen years later, my PSA levels remain below detectable levels, and I have no significant complications other than a 3/4″ scar above my navel that looks like I had a failed belly button ring. Don’t knock PSA testing- it can pick up a silent killer before there are symptoms and while it is still curable. I am living proof of that. I would recommend all men, especially those with a positive paternal family history, have biennial PSA tests beginning in their 40’s, as younger men often get more aggressive cancers. Mine was caught at age 52.

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