All the Ways Celebs Reacted to the Second Presidential Debate’s Cancellation

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Despite hundreds of doctors’ written statements that it’s safe for the President to debate Joe Biden on Thursday in Miami, the Commission on Presidential Debates cancelled the event when Trump declined to participate virtually.  

Here’s what celebs, pundits, and staffers have to say about the deleted debate.  

Kayleigh McEnany

The White House press secretary tweeted, “The Commission doesn’t care about science, only covering for @JoeBiden’s poor debate performance & hiding him from the American People!

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon thanked Trump and Biden “for living out every American’s dream: bailing on a big Zoom meeting because you’re not in the mood.” 

Bette Midler

Vocal Trump detractor, actress Bette Midler was also pleased the event was cancelled. “We won’t have to listen to the bag of hot, incessant wind that is #DonaldTrump.”

Gretchen Carlson

Unsurprisingly, former Fox News host knocked the President’s decision to bow out of the virtual debate. “That’s because you can actually be muted on zoom.” 

James Woods

Actor James Wood’s thinks Biden’s ducking the debate, “#Biden be bobbin’ and weavin.’”

Newt Gingrich

Newt think’s the President should take Joe Rogan up on his offer to moderate. “Let Biden choose the topics and 20 foot social spacing. Give Biden no excuse to say no.”

Ben Shapiro

Commentator Ben Shapiro think’s Trump would have bent to the virtual debate had it not been cancelled. “That first debate was a disaster, and he’s trailing in the polls. He needs a second debate more than Biden does.”

Josh Malina

The West Wing’s Josh Malina claims no contest means “Biden just won the second debate.”

Scott Adams

Dilbert author Scott Adams took a shot at Biden. “I’d like to see @realDonaldTrump challenge Kamala Harris to a debate. That’s the one that matters.”


Fox News host Sean Hannity, posted about the incredible bias that the “2nd Debate Moderator Tweets About Trump, Was Former Intern for Biden.”

Donald Trump Jr. 

Trump’s son called out the media for ignoring “Steve Scully (the 2nd debate moderator) supposedly getting his Twitter account hacked. Has he filed an FBI report yet? If not, why not?” 

Tim Young

Political comedian Tim Young pointed out that Biden’s recent gaffes are the reason behind the cancellation. “Joe Biden said he was running for the Senate… AGAIN… it’s no wonder his handlers refuse to let him debate a healthy Trump on Thursday.”

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Craig Murphy
Craig Murphy
8 months ago

In the law it’s called anticipatory breach of contract. The commission unilaterally altered the agreement therefore breaching its contract with Trump. Trump rescinded his agreement in anticipation of this breach.

Marlene deRonde
Marlene deRonde
8 months ago

If Biden refuses to debate face to face without a teleprompter what’s the point of having the debate-?!!

8 months ago

Ever hear the expression, “two can play that game”? Trump ought to make his OWN terms for it.

8 months ago

I think Trump SHOULD do a virtual debate. But, if Biden gets to use a teleprompter, Trump can use his own choice to respond, let’s say video clips for example. Then Biden can’t say he didn’t say something, or, say something was taken out of context etc.

Tony Winters
Tony Winters
8 months ago

When President Trump goes out they scream that he is endangering the public health. When President trump says he won’t go somewhere where they want him to go they once again scream foul. I just wish that President Trump (Damn I like saying that) would use the Magic Wand that obama said he would need to bring back manufacturing jobs and make all of the Hollywood Elite disappear