Bisexual Superman Hitting The Shelves Again… Thanks DC Comics

DC Comics unveiled Superman: Son of Kal-El, a comic about the son of Superman, however, there’s a very modern twist – he’s bisexual. Superman (Kal-El), and Lois Lane have a child, Jonathan Kent. Jonathan seemingly inherited Superman’s powers, as he’s able to fly and has beyond human strength. Other than the truly shocking amounts of creativity, DC Comics made Jonathan bisexual, and, instead of saving people captured by Lex Luther, Jonathan will be seeing issues such as climate change, rescuing undocumented immigrants, and wearing a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The decision to make Jonathan bisexual was unveiled in October 2021, on National Coming Out Day.

Tom Taylor, the author of the series, went as far as to call Superman

“…another straight white savior”.

Rumors spread throughout the past week about Superman: Son of Kal-El being canceled. This ended up being partially true, but not entirely. The series is expected to come to a close in December, following poor sales. However, be on the lookout for Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, which will be a sex-issue series starting in January 2023.

From The National Review:

A DC spokesman denied that series had been canceled in a comment provided to National Review.

“The Superman: Son of Kal-El series was not canceled. Historically, there have been multiple titles that feature Superman, including Action Comics, Superman, and Adventure Comics. It was always our plan to have Clark Kent return to the main Superman title and Jon Kent’s story is continuing in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent,”

Unsurprisingly, the Superman everyone knows and loves, Clark Kent, will be resuming his role as the main Superman character, and Jonathan Kent will have his own role in a different comic book series.

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