Cardi B Faces Charges Over On-Stage Controversy (Video)

Cardi B threw a microphone on stage after a fan hit her with a drink. @FightVicdeosTV Twitter.
Cardi B threw a microphone on stage after a fan hit her with a drink. @FightVicdeosTV Twitter.

An accusation of battery has emerged from a Cardi B concert in Las Vegas, following an incident involving a microphone hurled into the audience by the famed rapper.

Alleged Battery at Cardi B Concert

  • An attendee at a Cardi B concert has filed a police report, alleging they were hit by an object, reportedly a microphone, thrown by the rapper.
  • The incident occurred on July 29, 2023, during a performance at a venue on the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard.
  • The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has verified the claim but did not name Cardi B or explicitly mention the thrown object as a microphone.

Details of the Incident

  • The allegations follow a widely circulated video showing Cardi B hurling her microphone into the audience after she was splashed by a liquid from a drink cup.
  • The incident occurred at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas. Security guards can be seen approaching the person who is alleged to have targeted Cardi B.
  • Neither Cardi B nor the fan who threw the drink has been reported to have suffered any injuries.
  • No arrests or citations have been issued, and no additional details will be provided at this time, according to police.
  • Many argue that Cardi B has the right to react in the face of unexpected, potentially harmful actions from the audience, such as having a drink thrown at her while performing.

Cardi B’s Reaction and Precedent

  • Cardi B’s representatives have yet to comment on the situation.
  • This isn’t the first incident of the rapper throwing her microphone. Footage from a concert at the same venue shows Cardi B tossing her microphone when the backing track for her song was cut short.
  • Several musicians, including Taylor Swift, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, Drake, Steve Lacy, and Harry Styles, have also experienced projectiles thrown at them on stage recently.

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