Elon Musk Deletes Post Comparing Canadian PM To Hitler After Backlash

Wikimedia Commons, By JD Lasica

Twitter tore Tesla CEO Elon Musk a new one, after he compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

On Wednesday, Musk criticized Trudeau’s crackdown on Canadian truckers’ “Freedom Convoy”  when he shared a meme of Hitler that read: “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau … I had a budget.” 

Trudeau has drawn jeers for invoking Canada’s 1988 Emergency Act to break up the convoy of truckers blocking trade routes over COVID-19 mandates, by utilizing the law’s ban on public assembly.  

Musk announced his support of the convoy at the end of January by tweeting, “Canadian truckers rule,” and took aim at the PM days later. 

“It would appear that the so-called ‘fringe minority’ is actually the government,” Musk wrote in reaction to a video of thousands marching through Ottawa in protest. “Protesting in a Canadian winter shows real commitment!”

Musk was panned by followers and Jewish organizations for tweeting out the Hitler meme. 

“Using the image of Adolf Hitler & therefore exploiting the tragedy of all people who suffered, were humiliated, tortured & murdered by the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany created by him is sad & disturbing,” the Auschwitz Museum responded. “It disrespects the memory of all victims & hurts many people.”

“[Elon Musk] has exercised extremely poor judgment by invoking Hitler to make a point on social media. Comparing Justin Trudeau to a genocidal dictator who murdered millions is not an appropriate way to criticize policies,” the American Jewish Committee tweeted. “He must apologize immediately.”

Musk deleted the tweet later on Wednesday, but has not offered up an apology.

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Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker
2 years ago

I’ve been comparing him to Hitler too. Where’s my backlash? I’m feeling left out.

Michael Roland Mitchell
Michael Roland Mitchell
2 years ago

Musk should not apologize. It is a true and real comparison. Trudeau is a pompous asshole.

STEVEN Spatola
STEVEN Spatola
2 years ago

The libs sure called the conservatives Hitler. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.