First Lady Melania Trump Reveals White House Christmas Decorations

White House [Public Domain]

FLOTUS unveiled this year’s patriotic White House Christmas theme when she gave her Twitter followers a sneak peek at the decked halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

O Christmas Tree

Last week the massive 18.5-foot Fraser Fir arrived by horse drawn carriage.

First Family

The President and teenaged son Barron viewed the tree with Melania upon its arrival from West Virginia.  

The People’s House

Official Christmas decorating began the same day as workers started on the White House exterior.


The First Lady thanked volunteers from “all across the America” who came to the People’s House to decorate.  

2017 Theme

The FLOTUS’ first Christmas decorations represented “Timeless Traditions.”

2018 Theme

Melania got flack for blood red “American Treasures” trees her second-year decorating. 

2019 Theme 

The following year’s “The Spirit of America” featured a White House advent calendar and a noticeably paler color palette.  

2020 Theme 

Mrs. Trump revealed that “America the Beautiful” was the White House’s 2020 theme. 

Deck the Halls

POTUS, FLOTUS, and Barron stockings hung from the fireplace mantle. 


The Press got a few grand snaps during a morning preview of the decorations.  

Bright Lights

Stunning trees lined the East Room.

Red and White

Another insider took video of the festive decorations.  


Melania released the official video of the Christmas display on Monday morning.

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Patricia Couey
Patricia Couey
5 months ago

This lovely woman has displayed courage and grace to the American people while the previous first lady displays, still to this day, her racist hateful philosophy to one and all.
I’ll take Mrs Trump ANYDAY as the First Lady of America.

Janice E. Prescott
Janice E. Prescott
5 months ago

As always this beautiful, kind, lady has decorated the White House to perfection. She is the most elegant first lady we have ever had. I hope she stays in the lime light if by some stinkin chance they aren’t in the White house anymore. Thanking her for being who she is. Pure wonderful.

5 months ago

Melania’s style and decor is impeccable. I so appreciate her love of traditional ambiance with a wonderful sprinkling of magic. She gracefully attends to her duties while the wolves surrounding her family attempt to destroy them and remove them from the White House. This woman is a true inspiration. ?

5 months ago

It’s so nice to see some class brought back into the White House.

Louie Rey
Louie Rey
5 months ago

The Christmas tree, and the three previous ones, is a reflection of Melania’s and her family’s love of this country. God bless them all.