HBO Actress Defends Mom’s MAGA Hoedown Party

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

“Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney took fire from woke social media users after she posted photos from a surprise party she threw for her mother’s 60th birthday.

The HBO star and her brother Trent were blasted on social media for sharing photos of the hoedown they arranged to honor their mother on Friday night, which included guests wearing red MAGA-like hats that read, “Make Sixty Great Again.”

In another photo shared by the “Sharp Objects” actress, a man appears to be wearing a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt while posing with Sweeney and her mother in front of a double tiered birthday cake. 

After woke Twitter went wild over the photos, the “Euphoria” star took to the social platform for “making assumptions” about her family.

“You guys this is wild,” she posted on Saturday. “An innocent celebration for my [mom’s] milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Sweeney’s message did little to quell angry keyboard warriors. “Assumptions”? Your family are wearing MAGA hats and blue lives matter shirts, they’re racist,” wrote one detractor. “Time to face reality sweets, just because [you’re] white and famous doesn’t mean you get to have it all.”

“Your family is gross for supporting Trump,” added another. “Your brother has publicly supported him in the past and your parents obviously do because they wouldn’t wear hats like those if they didn’t. Quit enabling and making excuses for the fact that they’re bad people like you.”

“Assumptions? MAGA and Blue Lives Matters are explicit political statements,” someone else chimed in. 

Others were desperate to prove that Sweeney doesn’t identify as a conservative. “Is it because of the country theme of it all?” One person questioned. “That was just the theme of the party, doesn’t mean you or your family are Republicans. You should be allowed to celebrate your mom’s birthday in peace.”

“That makes sense. Still, that doesn’t mean she supports that,” presumed another. “I just don’t think it’s fair for Sydney to be attacked that way when it’s likely not even part of her own political views.”

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