Outrage as Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Vanishes Online

Photo edit of Jason Aldean on stage.
Photo edit of Jason Aldean on stage.

In an unprecedented move, Country Music Television (CMT) has taken the decision to pull the contentious video for Jason Aldean’s new single “Try That In a Small Town”. The video, released by Broken Bow Records/BMG on July 14, was aired on CMT until July 16, but has since been removed. The media outlet, however, has not provided any explanations for the sudden withdrawal.

Aldean’s music video, already viewed over 346,000 times on YouTube, features the singer performing in front of a courthouse, an American flag serving as his backdrop. Interspersed with Aldean’s performance are shots of chaotic protests, flag burnings, attacks on police, and a convenience store robbery. Despite the controversial imagery, the video also includes heartening scenes, such as a young girl playing hopscotch and a farming community rallying to support a neighbor in need.

The song, co-written by Kelly Lovelace, Neil Thrasher, Tully Kennedy, and Kurt Michael Allison, confronts antisocial behavior and crime, urging wrongdoers to “try that in a small town”. On its release, Aldean shared his hope that the video would resonate with his 4.1 million Instagram followers, reminding them of the unity and mutual respect inherent to small-town living.

However, post the video’s removal from CMT’s airwaves, Aldean took to Instagram to address allegations of the song being in favor of enforcing the law, and seemingly judgemental towards the Black Lives Matter riots throughout the summer of 2020, which caused over two billion dollars in damages. He defended the realness of the news footage used and insisted that the song reflects his experience of a close-knit community, and not allowing things such as riots in small-town America. As of now, the singer has yet to comment on CMT’s decision to remove his video.

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