Jim Caviezel’s Fight Against Sex Trafficking: Sound of Freedom

Photo edit of Jim Caviezel. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Jim Caviezel. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Jim Caviezel, acclaimed for his portrayal as Jesus Christ in the renowned movie “The Passion of the Christ,” is preparing to embody the character of former CIA and DHS agent Tim Ballard in the upcoming cinematic work titled “Sound of Freedom.” Driven by a divine message that challenged him to prioritize love for God’s children over the fear of evil, Caviezel eagerly embraces this opportunity to shed light on the alarming expansion of the global human sex trafficking network. This nefarious industry surpasses the value of nearly all major international corporations, exceeding a staggering $150 billion, and victimizes hundreds of thousands of individuals every year, with a predominant number of them being innocent children.

Throughout appearances on various television programs, such as The Drew Mariani Show, Trending with Timmerie, and Morning Air, Caviezel engages in discussions regarding the film’s protagonist, its profound significance, and its mission to expose the harrowing truth behind child trafficking.

Caviezel spoke on the situation, saying:

“This has got to stop. And if we don’t stop this, then we will lose our country. Right now, we don’t have a southern border. By definition, in order to have a country, you have to have borders and we do not have a southern border. I’m not willing to hand over my republic, and I’m much [less willing] to let someone take our children. God’s children are no longer for sale.”

In his leading role in the film, Jim Caviezel, a father who has personally embraced three adopted children into his own family, recognizes the dangers faced by vulnerable children before finding nurturing homes. He highlights the vital responsibility of parents to protect their children and urges individuals to stay vigilant against potential abductors, urging them to bravely confront evil in order to safeguard their loved ones.

“Sound of Freedom” brings attention to the hidden corners of child trafficking, an issue often overlooked, revealing the harsh reality while instilling hope for a future where the trafficking of children can be eradicated, starting that God wants us unafraid, a theme often repeated in the Bible. The film’s primary aim is to raise awareness about the extensive multibillion-dollar industry of child sex trafficking. Caviezel asserts that powerful entities are attempting to hinder the film’s release due to its unwavering exposure to this deeply rooted societal problem. He emphasizes the urgent need to combat trafficking to protect children and ensure the nation’s safety. Caviezel’s resolute position serves as an inspiring rallying cry against the exploitation of children.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has shown his endorsement for the film, even offering the Twitter platform to Caviezel, aiming to maximize its reach. Musk took to Twitter, saying:

“I recommend putting it on this platform for free for a brief period or just asking people to subscribe to support (we would not keep any funds).”

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