Pro-Trump Actor Dean Cain to Star in New Film Exposing Obamagate

Pro-Trump actor Dean Cain is set to star as FBI agent Peter Strzok in the new film ‘Obamagate.’

The film documents the alleged corruption that occurred during James Comey’s investigation into President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

As Fox News reports:

The 54-year-old actor is starring in an upcoming film, “Obamagate,” which will “spotlight” the alleged “corruption in James Comey’s FBI as the senior leadership used fraud and doctored documents to investigate and undermine the Trump campaign and presidency,” according to a draft release obtained by Fox News.

Cain is playing former FBI agent Peter Strzok, while Kristy Swanson is portraying Lisa Page. John James, who played Jeff Colby in the “Dynasty” TV series, will star as James Comey.

The film’s script is unusual in that it will be “completely verbatim and consist of the declassified files, congressional and court transcripts, text messages, tweets, and statements of top government and FBI officials,” per the release.

“If you wanted to tell a story with just one perspective, you can do anything you want and you can change people’s perceptions of what took place,” Cain explained in a statement. “When you do something verbatim, the words are there and it’s pretty darn clear. The verbatim texts themselves are damning.”



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15 days ago

It’s not alleged anymore, it’s fact.

14 days ago

I’d see it!

14 days ago

Great. Can you get it out before the election?
There really are some people who believe whatever the DNC and media tell them.

Louie Rey
Louie Rey
14 days ago

Now that’s one film I’ll go to see. As far as the “woke” Hollywood that demands that films up for an Oscar going forward HAVE to be diverse, with as much as 25% of the actors being non-white or, get this, have disabilities and also the production staff have to be also as inclusive? Not so much.

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