Joy Behar: Joe Biden’s Anger ‘Turns Her On’

Credit: WikiMedia Commons.
Credit: WikiMedia Commons.

Joy Behar, co-host of the once popular talk show “The View,” recently shared her sentiments on President Joe Biden’s display of anger, aligning herself with the perspective expressed by Fox News host Lisa Kennedy. Drawing attention to a report by Axios, Behar emphasized that Biden’s alleged temper towards his staff, involving his use of profanity and aggressive language, has caught her attention. In Behar’s view, Biden’s occasional outbursts are captivating precisely because he is generally regarded as a mild-mannered and amiable individual.

During a recent episode of “The View,” Behar echoed Kennedy’s earlier remarks, acknowledging that Biden’s anger has a certain appeal to her as well. She openly admitted:

“She’s [Kennedy] turned on by Biden’s anger. I am too, I kind of like it,” Behar said on Tuesday. “I do. I like that. I mean, he’s such a mild mannered, sweet guy.”

Behar went on to explain that she appreciates this facet of Biden’s character, highlighting his typically calm and affable demeanor. Such a contrast, in her opinion, lends intrigue to his displays of frustration.

Adding to the discussion, co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, noting that Biden’s use of expletives surpasses her own, implying that his propensity for expressing himself forcefully humanizes him and makes him relatable. Behar further remarked that Biden’s ability to vent his frustrations is often attributed to his white male privilege, a concept she believes would be less permissible if it were a woman or a person of color displaying the same behavior, saying:

“He just blows off steam, his white male privilege it’s called,” Behar said. “Imagine if it’s a woman or a black guy doing that, not allowed.”

The context for this conversation stems from a recent report released by Axios, which delves into Biden’s management style and how he communicates with his aides. The report suggests that Biden’s anger frequently manifests as rigorous questioning and intense grilling of his staff members until they are unable to provide satisfactory answers. Some aides reportedly perceive being yelled at by Biden as a sign of respect, viewing his passion as a reflection of his commitment to achieving the best outcomes.

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