Video Captures Jamie Foxx’s Recovery

Photo edit of Jamie Foxx. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Jamie Foxx. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Amidst his recovery in Chicago, renowned actor Jamie Foxx is not only immersing himself in the city’s picturesque allure but also displaying his unwavering dedication to creating an impact. A heartening incident, which was filmed and is now preserved as a lasting memory, serves as a testament to his inspiring efforts.

Since then, Foxx has graced several public appearances, including a sighting at Top Golf, and a delightful video capturing him waving to fans from a yacht.


On April 11, Foxx was hospitalized due to severe health complications, including partial paralysis and a degree of blindness. It is speculated that these conditions could be resultant effects of a stroke he suffered in April, potentially related to his COVID-19 vaccination. Allegedly, Foxx developed a cerebral clot post-vaccination, culminating in his current medical predicament. Despite his health-related adversities, production of his ongoing project, ‘Back in Action,’ is progressing with the aid of a body double.

Corrine Foxx, his daughter, has consistently reassured the public regarding his recuperation following his discharge from the hospital. Concurrently, medical expert Dr. Drew Pinsky has emphasized the potential risks associated with cerebral clots and the ensuing damage to brain tissue.

TMZ previously reported that Foxx was seen at a Topgolf driving range, appearing healthy and relaxed, surrounded by family and friends. He was also spotted sailing on a yacht on the Chicago River, which supports his ongoing rehabilitation.

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