Keith Olbermann Demands Russian Hockey Player Alex Ovechkin be Arrested

By Jay Tamboli from Washington, DC, US - Keith Olberman, yelling, CC BY 2.0,

Keith Olbermann is now demanding that the US arrest Russian Hockey Player Alex Ovechkin in retaliation for Russia’s arrest of American basketball player Britney Griner.

As The Daily Caller reports:

In response to Russia arresting Brittney Griner for allegedly possessing banned substances, Olbermann suggested American authorities should arrest NHL star Alex Ovechkin.

David Hookstead at the Daily Caller blasted Olbermann’s unhinged suggestion:

It’s honestly shocking how dumb Keith Olbermann is. If I didn’t know he was a real person, I would absolutely believe this was a stunt.

Life simply can’t be easy when you’re this dumb. It has to be borderline impossible just to get through any given day.
So, we’re supposed to arrest Alex Ovechkin in order to get back at Russia for arresting Brittney Griner? That’s one of the most whacked out takes that I’ve ever heard.

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