Lebron James Ejected from Game After Elbowing NBA Player in Face

Wikimedia Commons, by Tim Shelby - Flickr: IMG_8072

NBA superstar Lebron James was ejected from a game on Sunday after brutally elbowing Isaiah Stewart in the face, leaving him bloody and causing an on-court brawl.

As ESPN reports:

DETROIT — LeBron James was ejected from the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 121-116 win over the Pistons on Sunday for striking Detroit big man Isaiah Stewart in the face while jostling for rebounding position.

The hit led to a stoppage in action while Stewart, with blood streaming down his face, had to be held back multiple times by Detroit personnel as he tried to confront James. The incident occurred with 9:18 remaining in the third quarter and the Lakers trailing 79-67.

Stewart was initially whistled for a loose ball foul on the play. Following an official review, James was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejected, Stewart was assessed two technical fouls and ejected and Lakers guard Russell Westbrook was called for a technical foul.

After the game, crew chief Scott Foster said Westbrook was deemed to be “an escalator and not a peacemaker” as the reason for the technical foul. Foster also said Stewart was assessed two technical fouls for “multiple unsportsmanlike acts during the altercation.” Foster explained that James’ penalty stemmed from “unnecessary and excessive contact above the shoulder.”

James’ ejection was only the second in his entire NBA career.

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