87 Year-Old Talk Legend Larry King Hospitalized with Covid-19

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Talk show legend Larry King was hospitalized over the weekend after being infected with Covid-19.

King, who is 87, is at high risk for serious complications from the virus, including potentially death due to his advanced age.

And as The New York Post reports, King and his family have been subject to significant tragedy over the past several years:

The 87-year-old broadcasting legend has survived multiple health scares in the past, including a heart attack, a stroke, prostate and lung cancer and diabetes.

He spent his 87th birthday, in November, hospitalized with a blood-flow issue.

The former CNN powerhouse has been ill for 10 days, Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411 reported…

King also has an older son, Larry Jr. Two of his children died in 2020: Andy, 65, from a heart attack and Chaia, 51, from lung cancer.

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1 year ago

My prayers out for Larry King. Many years ago, I used to listen to his radio program while working the graveyard shift. He was a great interviewer, probably the best in the past fifty years.