‘Naked And Afraid’s’ First Transgender Woman Survives Alone In The Wild

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

Discovery Channel’s hit survival show, “Naked and Afraid,” featured their first ever transgender woman, who competed in the buff with breasts and male genitalia. 

Shaun, a South African farmer, who is self-described as “a little bit conservative,” was in for a shock when he was paired with transgender veteran, Terra, a biological male, who began transitioning to female four years ago, but has yet to complete bottom surgery.

“Things on the outside aren’t what they are supposed to be at this point in my transgender transition,” Terra said prior to meeting Shaun. “I do have breasts, and I do have the male genitalia still.”

“When it comes to my partner, they’re either gonna accept everything or they’re gonna go off the deep end, and we’re gonna see some bad s–t,” she said after being dropped in Zambia, Africa without any clothing.

The show strands two naked strangers in the wilderness without food, water, or clothes, and they must survive for 21 days to complete the episode’s challenge. 

Terra, a bow hunter who served in the US Air Force for more than a decade, managed to complete the task. Shaun, a professional hunter, did not, but it wasn’t because he rejected his transgender partner. 

When the pair met at the beginning of the show, Shaun was visibly taken aback by Terra’s appearance. “Obviously, you can see that I’m not the same as every other girl that’s been on this show,” she explained. “What are your thoughts on this?”

“Yeah, you’re unique,” he replied. “It is a bit of a shock to me but we’re all unique and special. I’m open-minded and we’re going to do this together. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”

They hugged it out, and began their trek, but three days later, Shaun fell and was concussed. He was disqualified for medical reasons and evacuated, while Terra completed the rest of the 18-days on her own.  

“People like me don’t get chosen for things like this,” she said about the show. “I am trans and I don’t care who knows it. What defines me is not how I look or how I act it’s what I do in my life.”

Terra is the second transgender person to appear on the series, the first was Quince Mountain, a transgender man, who competed in a 2019 episode.

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