Naked Madonna Give Birth To Butterflies In Insane X-Rated NFT Collection

By S Pakhrin from DC, USA - Women's March - Washington DC 2017, CC BY 2.0,

The “Material Girl” is justifying her love for creating controversy by releasing a fully nude NFT collection that will be sold off to support three charities. 

Madonna, 63, and artist Beeple have teamed up on the “Mother of Creation” project, which depicts an animated version of Madam X giving birth to various forms of nature while fully nude. The collection also includes a 3D model of the “League of Their Own” star’s digitally recreated vagina.  

“I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity,” she said about the collection, which consists of three videos of her digital double birthing various forms of nature. 

The first work, “Mother of Nature,” depicts Madge’s vag delivering a full-sized tree while she reclines in the buff in a futuristic delivery room. 

“In a cold laboratory setting, with no sign of life, an opening gives way to a branch that transforms into a full vibrant tree,” the website reads. “It pushes against gravity and flowers bloom. The tree may bend or even break, but it continues to re-create and flourish. This work features new text by Madonna.”

In “Mother of Nature” butterflies flap out of the singer’s womb in a post-apocalyptic scene that features lyrics from 1990’s “Justify My Love.” 

“We continue to give birth, no matter what destruction is going on, no matter what oppression we face. It relays the important message that if you are waiting for the world to be perfect or for your life to be perfect to create art, it will never happen. We have to do it, for our own survival in this chaotic, unpredictable world,” the site describes. 

In the final mind-bendingly weird NFT, a centipede reportedly crawls out of the “Mother of Technology’s” lady bits while she bears down on a forest floor. “The centipede represents technology – both the life giving-force and the dangers of it, the juxtaposition of dark and light,” the site explains. 

Madonna said the process of creating the collection with Beeple has “been an amazing journey building this together from an intellectual idea to an emotional story, giving birth to art.”

The proceeds of the NFT sales will go to three charities – The Voices of Children Foundation, The City of Joy, and Black Mama’s Bail Out – which further Madonna’s mission of “supporting mothers across the globe.”

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Janice E Prescott
Janice E Prescott
2 years ago

I’ve always thought it, but this just proves it. She’s NUTS. When she said she thought of blowing up the WH, why wasn’t she arrested? I would have been. She’s a disgrace.