Sam Elliott Apologizes For ‘Homophobic’ Criticism Of Gay Western After Backlash

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“1883” star Sam Elliott ate crow for calling Oscar nominated gay western “The Power of the Dog” a “piece of sh-t” last month.

Elliott was asked if he wanted to “clarify” any of the comments he made on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, which included comparing the film’s cowboys to Chippendales dancers for “running around in chaps and no shirts,” and questioning New Zealand native Jane Campion’s knowledge about the “American West.” 

“First, don’t go do a podcast whose call letters are W-T-F,” he deadpanned, noting that the film “stuck a cord” with him. 

“In trying to tell the WTF guy how I felt about the film, I wasn’t very articulate about it,” Elliott said with a mustache twitch. “I didn’t articulate it very well, and I said some things that hurt people and I feel terrible about that.” 

“The gay community has been incredible to me my entire career. And I mean my entire career, from before I got started in this town. Friends on every level and every job description up until today,” he explained. “I’m sorry I hurt any of those friends and someone that I loved. And anyone else by the words that I used.”  

“The Ranch” star went on to apologize to “brilliant” Jane Campion, who won the 2022 Academy Award for best director, and the film’s cast. “I can only say that I’m sorry, and I am. I am,” Elliott concluded.

He had previously complained that the cowboys in the film were “running around in chaps and no shirts” and that there were “all these allusions to homosexuality throughout the f***king movie.” 

Elliott also didn’t like the way Campion tried to pass off New Zealand as Montana, which he said “rubbed me the wrong way.” 

“What the f*** does this woman from down there, New Zealand, know about the American West?” He questioned on the podcast. “And why in the f*** does she shoot this movie in New Zealand and call it Montana and say this is the way it was?”

In a rebuttal, Campion said that the “West” is a “mythic space” and there is “a lot of room on the range” for artistic interpretation. 

“I’m sorry, he was being a little bit of a B-*-*-*-*,” she remarked, spelling out the word. “And I’m sorry to say, he’s not a cowboy; he’s an actor.” 

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Leif Knudsen
Leif Knudsen
2 years ago

Don’t apologize for Pete’s sake! The woke are out to crush anyone not woke and you cannot appease them. They are like rats, eat everything, no remorse, no considerations and they are everywhere. Let THEM eat shït for a change!

2 years ago

Oh good grief Sam. Don’t be such a pu–y. You are supposed to epitomize the independent Western American who laughs at the Hollywood weenie woke morons. If that image is what you want to promote you can forget it now.