Samantha Bee has Meltdown Over Abortion During Show

By Montclair Film - NEG_2477, CC BY 2.0,

The uber liberal host of TBS’s ‘Full Frontal’ Samantha Bee had a meltdown on Thursday over the possibility of Roe vs Wade being struck down by the Supreme Court.

As Fox News reports:

During the opening monologue of her show, which was on hiatus and had not aired since the draft opinion was leaked, Bee appeared angry and used multiple expletives as she blasted the potential decision, claiming the Supreme Court cared more about a “cluster of cells” than “actual people,” and predicting women would “die” as a result of it.

“If you’re like me, you’re just a few weeks away from having fewer human rights. Fun!” Bee began her monologue, describing the day the draft opinion leaked as “a beautiful day to kick back, enjoy the sun, and burn our throats to dust with endless screaming.”

“While the opinion isn’t official yet, it’s basically a trailer for how f—–g horrible life is to become for a lot of people,” she added.

She went on to describe the leaked draft opinion as “infuriating,” and slammed its author, Justice Samuel Alito, by claiming he cited “a s—head from the 17th God d— century, who defended marital rape and had women executed for witchcraft” in the opinion, referencing 17th century English jurist Sir Matthew Hale.

Bee has long been vocal about her far-left beliefs as well has be contempt and hatred for former President Trump and his supporters.

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1 year ago

Perhaps the slow realization that abortion murders an innocent child is simply too much to handle.

Michael Roland Mitchell
Michael Roland Mitchell
1 year ago

These empty-headed people just don’t understand. Abortion will not automatically become illegal! The decisions on it will be handled by each state’s government rather than have it decided by the federal government. And that is how the founding fathers worded and framed the Constitution and that is how they intended it to work. Each state was to pretty much govern themselves with as little federal government intrusion as possible. And as for the need to have an abortion, I question the real necessity for them in the first place. As far as I know, there are quite a few forms of birth control available. So unwanted pregnancies should actually be a very rare thing, right? Or is it also an acceptable thing to be as dumb as dog s**t?