‘Star Trek’ Star Blasted For Telling Americans That High Gas Prices Are The Cost Of Freedom

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - George Takei, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=79328303

Former “Star Trek” star George Takei got taken to task for telling Twitter users that soaring gas and food prices are the burden they have to bear in order for the government to defund Russia.

“Americans: We can endure higher prices for food and gas if it means putting the screws to Putin. Consider it a patriotic donation in the fight for freedom over tyranny,” Takei tweeted on Friday night. 

He was absolutely brutalized by social media users for the commentary, with Youtuber Viva Frei pointing out that Takei’s net worth is estimated to be $14 million. “We can endure higher prices for food and gas. But some can endure them more easily than others,” they said

“Hey rich guy, you can endure this, but us working class people, this is crushing us. But what do you car looking down your nose at the people who make your world run…” another parroted

“Suddenly you’re interested in freedom over tyranny? Lmaooooo,” shot back former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis. “Fine, then make a patriotic donation to my cash app!!” a replier wrote

While some shared their personal struggles to help the Hollywood millionaire understand the realities of the working class.  

“Great! That means you will pay for my gas, Mr. Takei?? Sorry, one can’t justify higher gas prices because of the war. I’m middle class and have a son in college. I need to keep every penny I can. Have a good day,” a middle class mom wrote.

“I’m on disability. I can’t even afford both rent and utilities, and the costs don’t go to helping Ukraine, they line the pockets of the already rich,” said another. “As well meaning as I can see this tries to be, it’s both classist and ableist.”

“Many American and veteran live paycheck to check barely surviving now. This post is out of touch with the average American,” pointed out non-profit Code of Vets. 

“People already living on the margins: *exist,* wrote one realist. “George Takei, multimillionaire: “You can afford to die of hunger to prove a point to a foreign leader you’ve never had anything to do with before.”

Takei followed up the post with a shot at the truck drivers participating in the People’s Convoy in Washington.  

“Dear “freedom convoy:” Read the room. There’s a real struggle going on for freedom in Ukraine. Take your petty, moot Covid grievances and go home, think about your lives and priorities, and donate to help Ukraine,” he wrote

“I’m trying to imagine what would happen if a bunch of Black folks decided to encircle the capital with their oversized vehicles to protest already-lifted Covid restrictions while we’re on the brink of war with Russia,” Takei tweeted. “But I’m [sic] can’t believe they’d ever be so damned foolish.”

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2 years ago

George Takei … How dumb are you? The worlds gas shortage , and especially this country’s shortage began with the first negative policy instituted by Biden . Cancelling our booming oil/gas industry. Yes Obama even told us we would suffer without coal and gas. Then, Instead of letting supply and demand dictate, Obiden wanted to use the deprivation to bring us to our knees as a premier country in the world.. Meanwhile Fauci was contributing to the research on the virus. A double hit on the country and the world. Our inflation in every market is owed to the cost of trucking. And the masks were ridiculous. Nothing but an N95 could 98% block the tiny virus passing thru to our noses or mouths. George, whoever you are, try educating yourself.

Leif Knudsen
Leif Knudsen
2 years ago

His mind must still be out there in empty space. What a douchebag … but hey, that’s the synonym of socialists. Socialism is a brain disease that removes humanity and installs hate.