All The Most Horrifying Facts About The NXIVM Hollywood Sex Cult

U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of New York, Government exhibit in US v. Raniere

NXIVM founder Keith Raniere spoke out for the first time since being charged with sex trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor to proclaim his innocence.  

“Yes, I am innocent,” he told Dateline. “And although it is — this is a horrible tragedy, with many, many people being hurt, I think the main thrust of this has been the oppression.”

Here are all the dark details about the organization federal prosecutors have described as a “sexual pyramid scheme.”

What is Nxivm?

Raniere and Nancy Salzman founded NXIVM, a personal development company in 1998, offering “Executive Success Programs” that reportedly attracted the Hollywood elite including Smallville actress Allison Mack, heiresses, the co-founder of BET, and a former U.S. Surgeon General.  

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From brainwashing women into becoming his slaves to branding their flesh with his initials, Keith Raniere led his NXIVM cult with brutal precision for 20 years, until being arrested in 2018. But he wasn’t acting alone.⁠ ⁠ Raniere managed to convince celebrities like “Smallville” actress Allison Mack to help him fulfill his twisted fantasies — and recruit other women to be his slaves. In fact, Mack later claimed that she came up with the idea of branding the women herself. Discover the disturbing story of sex, celebrity, and psychological torture inside the NXIVM cult by visiting the link in our profile.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #wtf #cults #nxivm #allisonmack #keithraniere #crime #crimestories

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Secret Society

Within the organization, Raniere created a secret society known as the acronym DOS for the Latin phrase “Dominus Obsequious Sororium,” which reportedly translates to “Master of the Obedient Female Companions.”


Raniere heralded himself as the Vanguard, a title adopted from a video game that meant he was in a position of absolute power, and expected students to refer to him as such. Salzman was titled Prefect, second in charge of the organization, and Mack was allegedly second in command of the DOS.  


Mack reportedly recruited female members of NXIVM to the DOS pyramid to become sexual ‘slaves’ to Raniere, who could in turn recruit additional slaves for whom they would then own as ‘masters.’   


The women were reportedly made to turn over personally damaging “collateral” like nude photos upon joining, which would be later used to blackmail them if they refused to pleasure Raniere sexually.  


DOS members were reportedly blindfolded and held down naked on a massage table, while their masters used a cauterizing device to brand them with a symbol that contained Raniere’s initials near their pelvic area.  


Members of the DOS allegedly were forced to go on starvation diets to meet Raniere’s requirements for the ideal female body type. They reportedly would pay tribute to Raniere by attending his NXIVM meetings naked and sitting on the floor while he spoke.  


Lauren Salzman, Nancy’s daughter and a high-ranking master in the DOS, testified to forcing one of her ‘slaves’ into solitary confinement for two years for gaining weight and admitting to having interest in another man.   


Nancy and Lauren Salzman, along with Mack, pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges in order to avoid trial, they await sentencing. Raniere was found guilty on all charges and is expected to be sentenced on October 27th.  


Though he maintains his innocence, Raniere apologized in his interview. “I apologize for my participation in all of this pain and suffering. I’ve clearly participated. I’ve been the leader of the community.” 

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3 years ago

Is this guy running for a Democratic Senator seat?

Charles M.
3 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Be right at home with pervy Joe.

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
3 years ago
Reply to  Tom

This will certainly be a resume enhancer. LMAO

3 years ago

I keep thinking of what suburban, college educated white women did during the mid-term elections.
I keep hearing how white women are voting Biden because they think Hunter Biden is handsome and they feel sorry for him. (GOD HELP US!!!!)
Trump is directly pleading with suburban women to like him.
I’m beginning to understand why it took women 200 years to get the right to vote!!!

Kenneth Barr
Kenneth Barr
3 years ago

Would not be surprised if joy, whoopi , Jane fonda and meryl streep are also queen bees!!!!

3 years ago

When guys get involved in this kind of crap, they need to have it surgically removed. It will only take a time or 2 and it will end, because they are so in love with that part of their body. Do you think I’m right?