Brett Favre Linked to Embezzlement Scheme Involving Millions of Federal Dollars

Wikimedia Commons, By Paul Cutler

Legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre has now been llinked to a brazen scheme to scam the US government out of tens of millions of dollars.

Favre reportedly received over 1 million dollars of federal funds for a speech he never even showed up to.

As The New York Post reports:

JACKSON, Miss. — A nonprofit group caught up in an embezzlement scheme in Mississippi used federal welfare money to pay former NFL quarterback Brett Favre $1.1 million for multiple speaking engagements but Favre did not show up for the events, the state auditor said Monday.

Details about payments to Favre are included in an audit of the Mississippi Department of Human Services. State Auditor Shad White said his employees identified $94 million in questionable spending by the agency, including payments for sports activities with no clear connection to helping needy people in one of the poorest states of the US.

The audit was released months after a former Human Services director and five other people were indicted on state charges of embezzling about $4 million. They have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial in what White has called one of Mississippi’s largest public corruption cases in decades.

“If there was a way to misspend money, it seems DHS leadership or their grantees thought of it and tried it,” White said Monday.

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2 years ago

another conservative being attacked