Megyn Kelly vs. Rachel Maddow

Humiliated NBC flameout Megyn Kelly is trapped in a fight-or-flight showdown with her corporate nemesis — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, a television insider spilled to exclusively. The TV divas are locked in a feud to seize the Today show’s third hour, but after Kelly’s Sunday program bombed, the overpaid smack-talker should just surrender!

“Rachel is NBC’s new golden girl! She can do no wrong, and the bosses have big plans for her future, including adding her to the morning show…Talent moves from one flavor of the month to a new flavor very quickly at the Peacock Network,” Radar’s snitch squealed, adding, “Once it was Ryan Seacrest, and then it was Willie Geist. Most recently, it was Megyn. But after her prime-time Sunday show tanked in the ratings, they’ve moved on to Rachel.”

Another behind-the-scenes mole added: “Expect Today to introduce Rachel slowly — putting her on once or twice a week, and then increasing her role until she’s a full-time member of the Today family.”

The plan will surely upst Kelly, 46, according to Radar’s snitch, but Maddow, 44, only needs to worry about one person — control freak Today host Matt Lauer. “If Matt likes Rachel, she’ll be fine. The Today show has an audience of one — Matt!” dished the source.

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