RIP: Frank Bonner Dead, ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Writer Commits Suicide

Screenshot via Do You Remember on YouTube

“WKRP in Cincinnati” star Frank Bonner passed away at 79, and TV writer Heidi Ferrer took her own life after battling long-term coronavirus.

“I’m deeply saddened to let you know that our beloved Frank Bonner passed away today at age 79,” his daughter Desiree Boer-Kort announced. “He loved his fans and was still signing autograph requests up until the last few weeks of his illness. Thank you to all who followed his career. He will be forever missed.”

Bonner died “peacefully” on Wednesday after battling Lewy body dementia. He played a radio station sales manager Herb Tarlek from 1978-1982, then reprised the role in early nineties spinoff series, “The New WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Fellow “WKRP” castmate Loni Anderson had kind words about her former co-worker. “Frank Bonner was like family,” the actress said. “He was one of the funniest and nicest men I worked with. I am heartbroken.”

“Dawson’s Creek” screenwriter Heidi Ferrer took her own life at the age of 50 on May 26th, after being “beddridden and in constant physical pain” due to long-term coronavirus symptoms after contracting the disease in April 2020.

“My beautiful angel, Heidi, passed over tonight after a 13 month battle with Long Haul Covid,” her husband Nick Guthe announced. “She was an amazing mother. She fought this insidious disease with the same ferocity she lived with. I love you forever and I’ll see you down the road.”

In September she chillingly wrote: “In my darkest moments, I told my husband that if I didn’t get better, I did not want to live like this. I wasn’t suicidal, I just couldn’t see any quality of life long term and there was no end in sight.”

She is survived by her husband and 13-year-old son.

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Janice E. Prescott
Janice E. Prescott
2 years ago

RIP to both you fine people. So sad that awful illness got Frank Boner, and that the COVID finally took the life of this very smart, and talented woman. COVID was the real cause, not suicide. She fought it so hard. They will both be missed.

2 years ago

Was it COVID or the injection?

Bob L.
Bob L.
2 years ago

Was it Covid that was the primary culprit or something else in conjunction with having caught Covid? I bet she followed the CDC recommended treatment pattern and not the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail treatment early on. The outcome could have been entirely different if she had gone that route.