Robert De Niro Slams Trump, Claims He Can’t Wait To ‘See Him In Jail’

Far-left actor Robert De Niro repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump while promoting a new film, claiming that he couldn’t wait to see him in prison. As Breitbart reports:

Actor Robert De Niro took multiple shots at President Donald Trump while promoting his latest film The Irishman in the United Kingdom. The Raging Bull star called Trump a “dirty player” while speaking at at the BFI London Film Festival and told The Guardian news paper that he “can’t wait to see” America’s president behind bars.

“Today, everything’s been turned upside-down because of Trump because he’s such a dirty player. It’s amazing to me that’s he’s…getting away with it. He won’t get away with it forever, but he is getting away with saying these things about every institution,” De Niro told the BFI audience. “We have to defend these institutions, plus the Fourth Estate, the press, because he’s trying to destroy them and for only one reason: to save himself. And we all know this.”

The Oscar-winner used a Q&A segment of the event to skewer Trump again, saying “It’s pretty disgusting that we’ve got Republicans there who are just so afraid to do anything, so afraid to stand up.”

“They could be stars in their own communities. They are. They could go into private practice, make more money and stand up and still be very vocal against him, and I don’t know why they don’t do that,” De Niro said. “Certain senators have pulled out…but others could pull out, get out and say, ‘I can’t be in this administration. I’ve got to speak out constantly against this administration because we have to right this wrong.’”

In the past De Niro has claimed that Trump acts like a gangster. His new film, The Irishman, is set to debut November 1st.


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