Country Singer Tells Tennessee To ‘F******’ Arrest Her Following THIS

Photo of Drag Queens at the Hyatt Regency in Miami. Photo/The New York Post/mppresent/Instagram
Photo of Drag Queens at the Hyatt Regency in Miami. Photo/The New York Post/mppresent/Instagram

Country music singer Maren Morris, who has received over 30 awards throughout her career recently made a bold statement during a pro-LGBTQ concert in Nashville.

In response to Tennessee’s announcement of the ban on drag shows near schools, Morris introduced her two-year-old son to drag queens, expressing how excited he was to meet them.

During her speech, she called on the state to arrest her, saying, “And yes, I introduced my son to some drag queens today, so Tennessee, f—— arrest me.” Morris’s comment was highly praised by the leftist media, including The Washington Post and Variety.

Before the “Love Rising” concert, Morris shared a heartwarming story of bringing her son to the soundcheck earlier that day. She explained how they had the chance to go into the room where drag queens were getting ready, and her son was fascinated by the “magic” of what they were doing.

“I brought my son here earlier today for soundcheck, and he’s turning three this week, and we got to go in the room where all the queens were getting ready and doing their makeup. And he freaked out when he went in there because it’s just magic what drag queens do.”

The timing of Morris’ comments is significant, as they came just weeks after Tennessee passed legislation banning drag shows on public property and near schools. Fox News reported that the state had already imposed restrictions on “adult-oriented businesses.” Morris is one of the multiple celebrities who have spoken out in support of drag shows in Tennessee following recent legislation cracking down on their public display and unnecessary access to children.

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