DEMOCRAT Presidential Hopeful Meets with Oliver Anthony

Kennedy & Anthony’s Shared Message

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is attempting to reestablish his family’s presence in the political world by opposing President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.
  • Country-folk artist Oliver Anthony, born Christopher Anthony Lunsford, gained attention with his hit “Rich Men North of Richmond.” This song critiques powerful individuals in Washington, D.C.
  • RFK Jr. identifies with the working-class sentiment of Anthony’s track. It gained significant attention during a GOP presidential debate and remained at No. 1 for two weeks.

GOP Debate Controversy

  • The song was featured prominently during the GOP debate, earning praise from RFK Jr., adding an extraordinary song — raw, yet intelligent; defiant, yet compassionate,”
  • However, Anthony disapproved of the song’s use, clarifying that it targets both Democrats and Republicans.
  • RFK Jr. criticized the debate’s lack of focus on pertinent issues, stating that candidates neglected pressing topics like wages, housing, and systemic corruption.

Anthony’s Post-Debate Response

  • After his song was co-opted for political purposes during the debate, Anthony publicly criticized its use for such means.
  • Following this incident, the song’s ranking dropped from its No. 1 position.

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