Friday Update: Janet Jackson Talks About Michael’s Sexual Abuse Trial, LeBron Slams Sportscaster For Insanely Hurtful Remark About A Player’s Dad, Britney Spears Bares It All On Instagram

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:


Janet Jackson is finally speaking about the impact of her late brother Michael Jackson’s trial for child molestation. When asked if the 2005 trial affected her career, despite Michael’s acquittal, she answered, “Yeah … guilty by association.”

Previously she spoke about a separate accusation her brother faced for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old boy in 1993, which settled out of court for $15 million. Janet said the boy’s father was “after money,” and questioned if the abuse had actually happened. 

“Now if this really went on, do you think a father would accept money? Do you think that would make everything OK? It doesn’t make any sense,” she remarked. “If that was my son, I don’t care if he gave me a billion dollars, I want to see you either behind bars or dead for doing that to my son.” 


Bad Commentary

LeBron James called out an NBA commentator for making a terrible comment directed towards a player during the game. 

Houston Rockets player Kevin Porter Jr. sank a three-pointer that won the team’s Wednesday contest against Washington, and Wizards analyst Glenn Consor nastily remarked, “Kevin Porter Jr. — like his dad — pulled that trigger right at the right time.”

Porter’s father, was charged with first-degree murder for the shooting a 14-year-old girl in 1993. He claimed that he pulled the trigger on accident, but was sentenced to four years in prison. 


“Oh he thought this was cool huh!!?? Nah we ain’t going for this! Sorry but this ain’t going to fly,” James tweeted in response to the remark. “How insensitive can you be to say something like this. Beat it man! I pray for you but there’s no place in our beautiful game for you!”

Consor said he was “unaware that the words I chose to describe the game-winning shot would be in any way hurtful or insensitive,” and would personally apologize to Porter for the careless remark. 

James didn’t back down from his assessment of the incident. “I stand by my tweet and I stand by everything I said,” he told reporters.  


Baring It All

“Toxic” singer Britney Spears, 40, posted two nude selfies on Instagram, because “free woman energy has never felt better.”

Spears wore nothing but thigh-high socks in the full frontal pics, and barely censored the nearly pornographic photos with tiny heart and flower emojis over her naughty bits. 

The post is too racy to include in the Friday Update, but if the social media platform hasn’t removed the extra spicy content, you can check it out here.


Conservative Celeb


“Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure isn’t afraid to express her conservative values to the public, which she proved once again when commenting on an Instagram post that blasted progressives for causing a division in American society. 


“The idea that the biggest threat to democracy comes from the right is nothing more than projection,” wrote conservative podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey. “With all the institutional power in the world, leftism consistently seeks to limit free speech, religious liberty, the right to self-defense, medical freedom, & so much more.”

“Take a gander at the world right now and see where people’s rights to work, travel, and move freely are being trampled on,” she continued. “See where parental rights & the rights to free speech & worship are being constrained. Are these right-wing nations? No. They are “progressive.””

Bure liked the post, which continues for eight more paragraphs, with clapping hand emojis, and the comment, “Everything you said.” 



The world’s number one male tennis star, Novak Djokovic, is being held against his will in Australia following a visa dispute, according to his mother. 

“I feel terrible since yesterday, the last 24 hours that they are keeping him as a prisoner. It’s just not fair. It’s not human,” Dijana Djokovic said at a press conference. 

She said the place he is being held is a “terrible accommodation,” for the nine time Australian Open champ.  

“It’s just some small immigration hotel, if it’s a hotel at all. It’s so dirty and the food is so terrible,” she explained. “They don’t want to give him any chance to move on to some better hotel or a house that he already rented. But we hope he will manage somehow.”

“My son is tonight in Australian captivity, but he has never been more free,” his father, Srdjan Djokovic remarked. “From this moment, Novak has become the symbol and the leader of the free world, the world of the poor and disadvantaged nations and peoples.”

Australia’s home affairs minister, Karen Andrews, denied the accusations and pointed out that Djokovic is being held at an immigration hotel over the weekend, until he can challenge the country’s decision to cancel his visa on Monday morning. 

“Djokovic is not being held captive in Australia,” Andrews commented. “He is free to leave [the country] at any time that he chooses to do so and border force will actually facilitate that.”



“Watermelon Wine” country singer Tom T. Hall reportedly committed suicide when he died at the age of 85 last year. 

Williamson County officials said that the county medical examiner determined that the Country Music Hall of Famer “had sustained an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, to the head, on the morning of 8/20/2021.” 

A 911 call was placed at 11:15 a.m. the same day, and paramedics confirmed his death “due to obvious injuries” on site at 11:33 a.m.

Hall’s other hits include “Watergate Blues,” “The Monkey That Became President,” and “The Year Clayton Delaney Died.” 



Record breaking transgender Jeopardy! Contestant, Amy Schneider, was robbed after she set a record for becoming the highest earning woman on the show. 

Schneider was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend, after her massive winnings made national news. The Oakland native was held up by two unidentified criminals, one who was armed with a gun, near her home. She handed over her things and they fled. 

“Hi all! So, first off: I’m fine,” she posted on Monday. “But I got robbed yesterday, lost my ID, credit cards, and phone. I then couldn’t really sleep last night, and have been dragging myself around all day trying to replace everything.”

Schneider won her 25th consecutive game on Wednesday, beating out a software engineer from Minnesota and a biophysicist from Colorado to rack in $918,000 in winnings.  

Toxic Tirade

“Big Daddy” and “Waterboy” actor Peter Dante was filmed at a Los Angeles restaurant flipping out on a hostess for refusing to serve him for violating the city’s mask policy. 

“You know you’re garbage right?’ he shrieked at the woman. “Go back to the f*** you go back to school. Where’s your boss? Yeah, where’s your boss? Bring your boss over here right now.”

When another employee asked if he’d put his mask on prior to speaking to the manager, he refused and wandered away.

Dante’s latest debacle comes after his September arrest, when he was taken into police custody for allegedly threatening to kill his neighbor’s family over construction noise. He was released on $50,000 bail for making felony criminal threats, and is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 12. 



Mercedes-Benz reportedly yanked a video ad off of Chinese social media platform Weibo, after the brand was criticized for using makeup to accentuate the Asian models’ eyes to create stereotypical “slanted eyes.”

According to a communist party run newspaper, the “makeup reflects Western stereotypes about Asian people” and the hashtag “Mercedes-Benz model’s makeup is controversial” was trending on Weibo with 170 million views.

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