HBO Pulls Film Classic ‘Gone With The Wind’ From Viewing Due To Accusations Of Racism

HBO has now decided to pull the academy award winning film classic ‘Gone With The Wind’ from viewing on its service over accusations that the film is racist.

As Fox5NY reports:

HBO Max pulled the Oscar-winning Civil War epic “Gone With the Wind” from its library amid heightened racial tensions following the death of George Floyd.

ScreenRant and The Wall Street Journal were the first to report that the newly launched streaming service yanked the 1939 film, which takes place at an Atlanta plantation. Critics in the modern era have criticized “Gone With the Wind” for its depiction of black people.

The film won eight Oscars including best picture and made history when Hattie McDaniel became the first black American to win an Oscar for her performance.

The decision to pull “Gone With the Wind” from the streaming service sparked some backlash on social media.

It’s appears the far-left’s attempt to erase American culture is continuing and if anything gaining speed. Is there anyway to stop this historic erasure? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. I feel that everyone is crazy, this our history and should not be banned, by doing this they are making us feel that history does not matter. I personally feel that I am not racist I am a American and all these idiots should be grateful that they are living here.

  2. I reckon the best way to stop all this shit is to stop watching HBO and all others that choose to cave to the extremist liberal left cronies with no backbone. I really thought this movie was great and portrayed much of what the war did to America. But thanks to the liberals we will not be able to learn from history.

    • The progressives want us to learn American history, according to their take on it.

      I imagine you and I can still learn the truth, but they will obstruct and make it difficult to obtain.

      It is obvious that they want to shape, reshape, what we think about ourselves and our country. I dread to think of “what comes next” after they have attained their first goal of “re-educating” us.

  3. For crying out loud, it’s a film from _1939_. HBO should have kept it, maybe with a disclaimer at the beginning.

  4. Communism loves to write revisionist history as fact rather than fiction. So who is orchestrating this effort to tear down everything in America they can place their hands on? Is it George Soros? Bill Ayers? Michael Bloomberg? Other individuals or groups? We won’t hear about it in the newspapers or on television.

    Obviously there has been careful orchestration with the continuing riots and other activities that are aimed squarely at making our country implode so the instigators can organize a new social order.

    What next? Cole Porter, the Gershwin Brothers, Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer and other song writers will be similarly pillored for some imagined ‘crime’ they have committed against humanity? But of course the rappers, with their misogynistic and often-violent lyrics, will be protected from criticism or dismissive irrelevance.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if Soros is behind it; it is obvious he is out to destroy America as we know it. It is frightening to say the least. I am 85 years old and have enjoyed so much wonderful music, from love songs to soul, loved so many movies such as “Gone With the Wind”, “Showboat”, “Lady Sings the Blues”, and have treasured “The Star Spangled Banner”, “My Country Tis of Thee”, and “God Bless America. It is so sad that after all these years, I have to see my country so bruised, so mistreated, and so maligned. Never in all my days would I ever expect to see Americans attack their own country and her people. It has become so surreal I feel like I am living in a country I no longer know. What has happened? Why did we let it happen?

  5. Seems like Americans hold the purse strings so just stop watching left leaning stations/news, watch how fast they straighten up.

  6. The censorship continues. Let the Leftists continue to control society and eventually SOYLENT GREEN and FARENHEIT 451 become historical documents vs dystopian novels. Then and only then will people realize how BLIND they’ve been to the TRUE DEMOCRAT GAME PLAN.

  7. we are witnessing the downfall of America. from tearing down statues to censoring everything that someone deems racist or otherwise incorrect to the washing of rioters feet and apologizing for being born white. WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO EVERYONE!!!!! this country better wake up or we wont have a country left. the leftist communist mob is rapidly eating the fabric of this once great country and who is standing up to stop it?? November 3 is coming up and if we dont vote the right way up and down the ticket we are doomed

    • And don’t forget the Democrats were the slave owners, KKK was founded by Democrats. The Democrats have been working since 1865 to get their slaves back. President Johnson told them all, just give lots of free stuff to the negro (he didn’t call them negros, something a lot more demeaning) and the negros would vote for them for the next 200 years.

  8. I wonder how Ms. McDaniel would feel about her movie being censored?

    America is the “frog in the pot of water”

    Latino lives DON’T matter
    Asian lives DON’T matter
    White lives Don’t matter..

    • Don’t have HBO; never will. It wasn’t worth the cost. And now, for sure. How easily companies or businesses are swayed to play to the left.

  9. Some country over on Europe back in the 30’s banned books and movies and dont think it ended quite well. Took a war but it did not end well

  10. Dinks R. Since when does BLM have Authority to Ban Past History Movies or Whatever. Must be the New Cop on the Block. Not on my Neighborhood Block. Wake up America the Marxist Movement is taking over unless We Push Back. Tail wagging the Dog Again!

  11. This is so f–king stupid – tearing down statues – removing movies for racism makes absolutely no sense. Removing these connections to history might satisfy narrow minded progressive liberal airheads – but, you can never write out history – it really happened – get a grip on your life. It seems to me to be extremely immature – not being able to face reality. By ignoring and denying history, you are taking away that knowledge – future generations will never know or understand what really happened and, guess what – they will be destined to repeat it because they are unaware and did not learn the truth.

  12. Like Hitler, Stalin, and the Taliban, American Marxists want to erase history because it doesn’t fit their warped views.

  13. Gone With the Wind has been my favorite movie since I first saw it in my teens. I stopped counting how many times I’ve watched it but I know it is over 25 times. And Mammy was my favorite character. I loved Rhett and Ashley but I’ve tried to live as Melanie. She is the one I’ve tried to emulate. I like Scarlett’s fire but Melanie Is my idol. I don’t have HBO so this doesn’t affect me. I have the movie on DVD and can watch it whenever I wish! I’m a Southerner and my roots go back far before the Revolution. Slavery was a horrible thing but it was in our history. Wiping out any vestige of it won’t remove it from our history. There is no one alive who participated in slavery so we are not responsible for it. We should be teaching history as it actually happened but point out how bad it was so we never have slavery again.

    • I was born a Caucasian American….I did not choose my skin color, but God did. I keep praying about this, but these looney people have done so much to kick God out of the country that He may be turning His back on us…. Remember how He did the Jews that way when He allowed their Temple to be destroyed? But this sounds an awful lot like the beginning of end times…chaotic rght is wrong and wrong is right, people are behaving awfully to one another and only God knows when and how all of that will end. I am trying not to be discouraged constantly, but these evil people behind the scenes have sure been doing much more harm than we have imagined. Please pray for our country! God bless the USA!!!!

  14. Well, there goes “Amos and Andy” Remove “The Jeffersons”, “Roots”, “one Day at a Time” and the rest!!!!! Why don’t we just ERASE all American History and start all over??? Isn’t that the eventual conclusion to all this 💩 they are seeking? They don’t even Teach TRUE History in schools anymore. It’s all watered down so as not to offend someone and send them to their safe space. Just my humble opinion.

  15. HBO is racist against Hattie McDaniel as an actress of color.
    Her heirs need to sue the white folks at HBO who made this racist decision.

  16. So, now it’s the 13% leftist a**wipes who can’t even breathe without trying to push America more and more towards the left…this is our country, this is what we strove for? you have got to be s***ing me…why should we cave into the leftist liberal mob…via the liberal mindset will the left find it’s foothold, has been repeated over and over, through these primaries and in November, remember and vote….

  17. This is so stupid. If people don’t want to watch it they won’t. You are offending the majority of the people that pay to watch your channel.

  18. I bought a DVD of Gone With The Wind about a year ago because I feared it would be banned soon. I searched for a couple of years before finding a DVD copy made from a Japanese laser disk of “Song of the South” too. It was banned in the U.S. years ago.

  19. What the left is doing is Racist Bullying. Tearing down our Southern Hero’s monuments, renaming streets and military bases named for Great Southerners. Now running a Black List of movies. Thank GOD I got a copy of the original Birth of a Nation not that revisionist crap recently released before they try to outlaw it. If you have never seen it frag a copy while you can and see the truth of Reconstruction. One of my all time favorite movies. But the left is trying to stamp out our Southern Culture. They have gone as far as sending Libertard Moon Bat Carpetbaggers down here.

  20. All In The Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, Amos and Andy, Sanford and Son, Roots and EVERY Program on the BET channel!!!

  21. Anybody requesting this is mentally imbalanced and should be locked up for observation. Asfor Democrats…screw off.

  22. anyone who knows anything about the making of ‘gone with the wind’ also knows that selznick was progressive and used his movie to make radical statements for the time (1939). the academy, in awarding hattie mcdaniel the oscar, also made a radical stand for the time. olivia de havilland (melanie), who was nominated in the same category, was spitting mad for all of the stereotypical reasons you might imagine. . .

    would be interesting to hear what she has to say about this. . .she’s 103. . .

  23. Let’s get rid of all history. The blacks are so sensitive and delicate, we do not want them to get upset.
    Whites have been supporting blacks ever since they came to America, we gave them Affirmative Action in 1964 and they still can not take care of themselves. About 60 to 80 percent of blacks use drugs, over 80 percent divorce rate and a poor graduation rate. What have most blacks accomplished, except being a burden to society. When I was in college in the late sixties, I had many black friends but ever since Clinton became president the blacks have become full of hate. Blacks have become the racists.
    The democrat party is responsible for keeping them on the plantations. They give them all this free stuff, so the blacks quit working and say nothing because they do not want to lose all the free stuff.
    In some states, a family of four, can get as much as $80 thousand in free benefits.
    All these benefits need to be taken away from anyone who can work. Make people go back to work and be responsible for themselves and get their self esteem back.


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