The Most SAVAGE Responses Female Doctors Posted With the #Medbikini Hashtag

Wikimedia Commons, by Vaidaitrau

Female healthcare professionals were wildly offended when a study cited bikini posts on social media as unprofessional content that could affect how patients select physicians.  

Physicians took to Twitter to post savage responses to the sexist study. Here are some of their best replies.


One doc shared a pic lounging in the pool. “Now I know some of you may be thinking “wow she owns a swimsuit, how unprofessional,” she began. “But all I’m thinking is “wow look at my sternocleidomastoids.”


Another doctor braved the cold to get her point across. “Apparently chicks who wear bikinis in their free time can’t be professional healthcare providers?”


Dr. Jen Dunn managed to become a surgeon this year, despite wearing a bikini.


Another health care professional doesn’t want to work for anyone who would discriminate against her for wearing a bikini. 


Does this make me look unprofessional? Or do those standards not apply to me? #medbikini #professionalism


Two coworkers wore professional attire on the shore.


Another medical professional chose not to.


Still, Dr. Bikini will save your life on the beach…


And treat you at the local ER.


And even though society has hit a new low when that study was published…


This dude has got their backs.


And so does this furry guy.

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Pissed Off American
Pissed Off American
2 years ago

Good for them! What does it matter what they do on their own time. I don’t pick doctors on their looks or don’t research what they do besides at work. As long as I can understand them when they talk and explain what’s going on I’m fine with them bikini or not. Lot nicer to look at them some stuck up old geezer that won’t listen to me. THANK YOU for YOU SERVICE to all medical personnel Stay Safe! Merry Christmas.

9 months ago

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