UFC Star Colby Covington Trashes Biden To Jesse Watters

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Conservative UFC fighter Colby Covington called President Joe Biden a “big cry baby” during a Thursday night appearance on Fox News.

Jesse Watters asked the Southpaw if he had any advice for the president after calling network reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” on a live mic, then phoning to “clear the air” later that day. 

“My advice to the president would be if you are going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk,” Covington remarked.

“You know, I trash talk, but a lot of it is facts, you know, just like Donald Trump, he came with truth,” he continued. “And people want to call it trash talking but really it’s truth-talking. He owns up the action to his words. You know, things that he says he backs up.”

He said that Doocy asking if inflation would be a “political liability ahead of the midterms,” was “a legit question.”

“He’s asking a question that affects hundreds of millions of people’s lives,” Covington added. “They want to know … This is affecting their lives, so he needs to be a man of his word an own up to it” 

Watters wanted to know if Covington would “chew” Biden out if he ever got him alone in the octagon.  

“I would be honest,” the 16-3-0 fighter commented. “You know, I would say the truth. I would say, ‘Biden, you’re a big cry baby. You don’t own up to anything that you say…You have people that change your own adult diapers.’”

“He needs to stop acting like all these people in these generations want to play victim,” Covington detailed. “They never want to own up to anything anymore and he’s the same way.”

It’s no shock that the vocal Trump supporter had fighting words for Biden. Covington got chummy with the former president, who called to compliment him after winning against Tyron Woodley by TKO in September 2020.

“You are a great fighter, man. I’ll tell you,” Trump lauded. “You make it so easy, I don’t know how the hell you do it.”

Covington thanked Trump for giving him “the dragon energy” he needed to win when they shook hands at a political event. “It doesn’t matter if King Kong was in front of me, I was not going to lose after getting to shake your hand and be at your rally,” he replied.

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