(Video) Controversial OnlyFans Mom Banned From Child’s School

Victoria Triece, 31, was a volunteer at her child’s school, Sand Lake Elementary in Florida, until she was banned for her posts on Onlyfans, a subscription-based pornography service, as reported by WESH reported Wednesday.

Triece filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) following directions from the principal to not return to the school’s campus or volunteer around the children going forward.

When talking to reporters, Triece stated that she has an Onlyfans account so she does not need to work a real job, thus giving her more time to spend with her young child. “I always wanted to be involved in that aspect of life… My mother did it for me and having her there was the best joy growing up.” Triece said last year when discussing.

While this story has gained traction, the story has become increasingly polarizing, as many social media users have posted differing opinions on the situation. While many believe that someone’s private life should not dictate their ability to volunteer at the school, others feel uncomfortable about an amateur porn star volunteering around elementary school children.

It’s almost like schools are a place where moral standards need to be upheld for the sake of innocent children. Weird.” (@GRAYMAN1357)

“So live drag shows are ok but private only fans accounts are not?” (@DonaldCBD)

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