‘General Hospital’ Actor Steve Burton Fired Over Vaccine Mandate

Wikimedia Commons, By Thomas Wolf

‘General Hospital’ star Steve Burton has now been fired from the long running show over its refusal to adhere to a vaccine mandate.

As The New York Post reports:

“General Hospital” star Steve Burton reportedly has been axed from the long-running soap opera after he refused to work with the show’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Burton, 51, posted a video on Instagram Tuesday to address his departure.

“I know there’s been a lot of rumors and speculations about me and ‘General Hospital’ and I wanted you to hear it from me personally,” the actor said in the nearly two-minute clip. “Unfortunately, ‘General Hospital’ has let me go because of the vaccine mandate.”

A source confirmed to The Post that he was no longer a part of the show because he was unable to comply with the production’s vaccine mandate. His last episode was filmed on Oct. 27, though its air date is not known.

Burton reportedly asked for exemptions to the mandate but was resigned.

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2 years ago

The gutless cast and crew should resist as well. There are more of us than the tyrants.

Ros Fe
Ros Fe
2 years ago
Reply to  Reuven

But they won’t because they’re all shit scared they’ll lose their job. But if they all stuck together we could fight these ridiculous mandates.

Thomas Rizzo
Thomas Rizzo
2 years ago

Dumb ass needs to sue the Producers and everyone else responsible for this decision.