Andrea Tantaros Adds Even More to Fox News Scandal

Ex-Fox News anchorwoman Andrea Tantaros is bringing new accusations of workplace harassment against the network, accusing former chairman Roger Ailes of secretly taping female employees while they undressed.

In an amended complaint filed on Monday, Tantaros said that on-air women had to attend a biannual trunk show held by the network’s wardrobe department. Tantaros, who is now representing herself in a lawsuit initially filed last April, claims Ailes used the event as an opportunity to covertly film female talent.

“The dresses were pre-selected for the women by the wardrobe department before their arrival; pants were not an option,” said the updated complaint. “Upon information and belief, Ailes was recording female employees disrobe without their consent in their offices and during the bi-annual trunk show.”

The complaint refers to Fox News a “cutthroat cult rife with rampant harassment, misogyny, and bullying.”

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