Another CBS Executive Gets Some Bad News

The head of CBS’s 60 Minutes is having some sexual misconduct problems of his own. Jeff Fager has yet to report to work since allegations surfaced about him.

According to The Daily Mail:

60 Minutes executive, Jeff Fager, has yet to return to work at CBS as Les Moonves’ replacement dodges sexual misconduct claims surrounding the network in an email to staff.

Moonves resigned from his position on Sunday following a fresh wave of allegations against him and Fager.

Interim CEO, Joseph Ianniello, took the helm of CBS on Monday and didn’t mention the sexual harassment allegations against Moonves or Fager in an email titled ‘Looking Forward’ that was sent to staff on his first day in the position.

In the email that was seen by Reuters, Ianniello said the company was in a position of strategic strength and that it was important to make clear the company’s commitment to ‘diversity, inclusion and a safe and positive working environment’.

A source confirmed that Fager knows he will be fired soon is staying away as the situation progresses.

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