Austrian Skier Caught Red Handed

An Austrian skier who competed in the Olympics was caught getting a blood transfusion during a raid by police.

According to Fox News:

A shocking video has emerged of an Austrian Olympic cross-country skier seemingly caught in the middle of a blood transfusion as police raid a doping network at the Nordic skiing world championships.

The leaked video, captured by an Austrian police officer and posted by Norwegian media outlet NRK, appears to show Nordic skier Max Hauke before taking part in a race as police storm the room.

“He was picked up with a blood transfusion in his arm,” FPO’s Dieter Csefan alleged. “Because of the information provided by the investigation, it was clear that this network has been at work for years and globally, too. Certainly, other sports will be affected, too.”

Blood transfusions are banned by all sports because they allow athletes to boost the oxygen levels in their blood, improving performance and endurance.

The officer who recorded the video is not being disciplined after being suspended.

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