Biden’s Team Fears ANOTHER Trip Or Fall Before Election

Concerns within the Biden administration grow as they fear any potential slip or fall could impact the 2024 election.

Concerns Over Biden’s Health

  • President Joe Biden’s team is apprehensive about potential falls and his public perception due to his balance and stiff gait.
  • Reports indicate heightened attention to avoid any negative publicity related to his physical well-being, especially as the 2024 presidential election approaches.
  • The White House has criticized media outlets for magnifying this concern, noting the president’s health has been transparently reported in the past.

Biden’s Medical Background

  • White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, has suggested ‘balance’ exercises targeting Biden’s balance and overall fitness.
  • The president’s stiff walking style is attributed to significant spinal arthritis and mild post-fracture foot arthritis.
  • A recent stumble at an Air Force Academy event has further intensified concerns about the public’s perception of his health.

Public Perception and Polls

  • Age is a significant concern for voters, with some even from his own party questioning his potential reelection bid because of it.
  • Physical therapy expert Professor James Gordon expressed unfamiliarity with the term “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers” used in an official health report on Biden’s exercise regimen, as reported by Axios.
  • A recent AP-NORC poll reveals that 77% of Americans believe Biden might be too old for a reelection bid, and Trump is perceived as more physically capable of serving a full term.

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